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Expand your distribution channel and grow your business through thousands of trusted African online retailers.

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Benefits of selling your products to trusted
African retailers

Sales Commission

No set up fees, no hidden cost. You only pay commission after a product is sold.

Sell your products to thousands of trusted Africa online retailers

Sassty has over 20,000 retailers to sell your products online at all hours of the day, it’s like having a massive sales team!

Bulk product uploads

Sassty’s system integrates seamlessly with Shopify, allowing automatic product import as well as inventory and order sync. If you do not have a Shopify store, we can also upload your products in bulk using CSV datafeed.

Self Cashout

You will also have the ability to do a self Cashout. Manage your stock with ease, have historical records of sales, returns and refunds.

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Start earning in 3 simple steps

Upload products

Upload your products to Sassty’s eCommerce Cloud Warehouse and start selling your products to trusted African online retailers

Publish products

Publish your selected products on Sassty, and you will have 360 view of everything that happens to them

Fulfillment & Payment

Your orders are fulfilled by Sassty and you get paid automatically

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What will my products look like on Sassty?

You can sign up on our buy-facing website to have a look. You would be able to see how the products look like for the buyers.

How does payout work on Sassty?

Sassty has a self cashout system for its supplier. You will be able to withdraw the money by yourself anytime.

I have my own african online retailers, how do I onboard them on Sassty?

Refer your online retailers to Sassty (use this link). You will also earn up to 10% commission each month for every online retailer that you bring to Sassty.

Is Sassty right for you? What are the requirements to be a supplier?

If you are an original manufacturer or wholesale supplier, expanding your distribution channel to Africa, then this might be beneficial for you! Sassty gives priority to suppliers who produce quality products at affordable prices for the African continent.

How do I handle returns and refunds?

Great question. Sassty handles all of that for you. You will have a visibility of all of that.

How do I reach out to customer support if I have inquiries?

The Sassty support team is available 24/7 by email at [email protected] or by live chat accessible from the bottom right corner of this page.

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Please note that Sassty’s focus is on the African Market, therefore only manufacturers and wholesalers of quality products at affordable prices will be approved for the platform

Expand your distribution channel and grow your business through thousands of trusted Africa online sellers.