Children's unicorn swimming ring


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Size: Large Material: Polyvinyl Chloride Age Range: Children
  • Whimsical Unicorn Design: Let your child's imagination run wild with the enchanting unicorn design of our swimming ring. The vibrant colors and adorable unicorn details transform any pool day into a magical adventure.

  • Perfect Size for Little Ones: Designed with the comfort and safety of young swimmers in mind, our Children's Unicorn Swimming Ring is the ideal size for kids to enjoy buoyant play in the water. The secure design provides a sense of confidence as they explore the aquatic realm.

  • Durable and Safe Construction: Crafted from high-quality PVC material, this swimming ring is built to withstand the splashes and excitement of children at play. The durable construction ensures a safe and reliable water experience for your little unicorn enthusiasts.

  • Easy Inflation and Deflation: Simplify poolside setup with the easy-to-use valve system. Our Unicorn Swimming Ring inflates and deflates quickly, allowing more time for play and less time for preparation. It's a hassle-free addition to your child's water activities.

  • Spacious and Comfortable: The spacious opening and comfortable design make it easy for children to get in and out of the ring, promoting a positive and enjoyable water experience. Watch as they float, splash, and create magical memories with their unicorn friend.

  • Vivid and Eye-Catching Colors: The vibrant colors of the Children's Unicorn Swimming Ring capture attention and create a visual spectacle in the water. It's not just a swim accessory; it's a statement piece that adds joy and excitement to pool time.

  • Portable Playmate: Take the magic wherever your child goes. The inflatable design makes the Unicorn Swimming Ring highly portable, making it an ideal companion for beach vacations, pool parties, or family outings to the water-park.


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