Sensor Headlamp COB XPE LED Head Lamp Flashlight Built-in Battery USB Rechargeable Head Torch With White Red Light For Night Run


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  • Purpose: Camping
  • Switch Mode: High/Middle/Low
  • Light Source: LED Bulbs
  • Item Type: Headlamps
  • Power supply: Built-in polymer lithium battery 1200mAh
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Advanced Sensor Technology: Experience hands-free convenience with an advanced sensor headlamp that detects your movements, allowing you to control the light effortlessly.

  • Dual LED Light Sources: Equipped with COB XPE LED technology, this headlamp provides a powerful and versatile lighting solution with options for both white and red lights, catering to different needs during night runs.

  • USB Rechargeable: Say goodbye to disposable batteries! This headlamp features a built-in rechargeable battery that can be easily charged via USB, ensuring a sustainable and Eco-friendly power source.

  • Efficient and Bright Illumination: The combination of COB (Chip-on-Board) and XPE LED ensures a bright and uniform illumination, offering clarity and visibility on your night runs.

  • Adjustable Lighting Modes: Customize your lighting experience with adjustable modes, allowing you to switch between different brightness levels and light colors based on your preferences and the surrounding conditions.


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